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Creative Arts and Music


At St Michael’s, children’s art is celebrated through the large volume of displays in our school.

In lessons, children can build on their appreciation and understanding of art in a variety of forms and styles and from a variety of cultures through a cross curricular topic approach. Children develop their awareness of colour, pattern, shape and texture as well as understanding the properties of materials.

Art is taught weekly throughout the school.


At St Michael’s, children have weekly lessons in addition to experiencing music through regular classroom activities. Children participate in a wide range of activities in all aspects of music including rhythm work, instrumental skills, composition, singing and appreciation.

During their time in school, children will receive weekly instrument lessons with a specialist music teacher from the Norfolk music service.

Music plays an important role in helping children feel part of the community. We organise and collaborate in projects to enable children to share their musical skills at different events in and outside of school. We take part in the annual Schools Make Music concert, the local Christmas concert at the Baptist Church and Big Sing. In 2017 children took part in the Kings Lynn festival with visiting musicians.

Creative Arts Subject Curriculum Statement

Music Subject Curriculum Statement