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During any Maths lesson, you should see the 3 aims of the National Curriculum. These are made explicit on planning. Teaching is planned around the National Curriculum and our Cluster SoW, formative assessments, observations and discussions through Think Pink.

All children are given the opportunity to use manipulatives during a Maths lesson. Each class has Maths baskets, containing a variety of equipment. Children are also provided with Maths Learning packs to take home to support homework.

Each week children complete a Skills test to reinforce learning and identify any gaps. FAST learning happens in KS2 twice weekly for 20 minutes. Children have 4 minutes to complete the activity. Fluent in 5 happens daily in KS2, along with Tackling tables cards twice weekly.

At the end of each Maths Lesson, Children self – assess against the success criteria and their WALT. The teacher’s and TAs use in the moment marking to identify any gaps/next steps more quickly.

Every child has access to a reasoning mat in order to help them justify their responses. They have problem solving books to show their responses to the weekly problem.

Children are set daily challenges and these are pitched at different levels. Children choose their own level of challenge.

We use Learning walls to help aid Children’s understanding and to show progress of learning throughout the week.

Maths Scheme of Work

Times Table teaching guidance